Elissa Freiha

Entrepreneur. Investor. Badass Bosslady.

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Elissa Freiha is an angel investor, motivational speaker, and founder of WOMENA, a Dubai-based angel investment platform.

As an active angel with over 40 investments, she has won numerous awards including being the first female recipient of Investor of the Year at the StartUp Awards. She is frequently listed by media outlets, most notably by the BBC as one of their 30 women under 30, and by Arabian Business as one of the 100 most influential Arabs.

Elissa received her Bachelor of Arts in Global Communications from the American University of Paris, the city in which she was born and raised. She is an Emirati of Lebanese and American decent and is a strong advocate for equal rights, and women's rights with a focus on the Middle East. Her passions for entrepreneurship and gender diversity have given her the opportunity to speak at events around the world and has drawn the attention of brands such as Cartier, Christian Dior, Ralph Lauren, and Burberry. 

WOMENA is an award-winning investment platform and initiative that empowers women to invest in MENA tech startups. WOMENA has simplified the investment process by managing deal from sourcing and vetting through diligence and portfolio management.

Having faciliated over 2 million AED in funding to 7 UAE based startups, WOMENA is just getting started. With over 20 pitch events, 26 workshops and numerous awareness events, in partnership with global brands like Elie Saab, WOMENA have shown that powerful, brilliant women in the middle east are in abundance and their unique story made angel investing seem accessible to first time investors. 

in 2017, WOMENA expanded their audience, from professionals to university students. Having partnered with the largest universities in the UAE, they educate students on local entrepreneurship and venture capital investing through their workshops and courses. 


Photographer: Norbert Kniat